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  1. The Best Hendricks Gin Drink Recipes on Yummly | Hendrick's Cucumber Gin & Tonic, Hendrick's Gin Fall All Over Cocktail, Cucumber Martini With Hendrick's Gin And Tarrago
  2. There is a Hendrick's Gin cocktail for almost any occasion. Here you will find a dazzling array of exquisite cocktail recipes. We have recipes for every skill level, a multitude of occasions, and extraordinary flavours to satisfy almost any palate
  3. Choose from 18 drink recipes containing Hendrick's Gin. Learn more about Hendrick's Gin in the drink dictionary!. Around the World #2 (Cocktail) Cucumber, Hendrick's Gin, Pama Pomegranate Liqueur, Partida Agave Nectar, St-Germain Elderflower Liqueur, Yuzu Juic
  4. ent ingredient), coriander seed, and orange peel. But what sets Hendrick's apart is.

The top rated cocktails with Hendricks Gin. In addition to the traditional juniper infusion, Hendrick's uses a hint of Bulgarian Rose followed by a mash of cucumber. Ex: Hendrick's Martini, Lemon Gingerini, Cucumber Gin Tonic, Louiz, Hendricks Elliso Hendrick's Gin Mule Cocktail Recipe Some spend Boxing Day reading poetry in quiet contemplation, with a Hendrick's Gin Mule in hand. Whereas an actual mule is the offspring of a male donkey and a female horse, a Hendrick's Gin Mule is the offspring of whimsy and leisure the hendrick's gin distillery ltd, the girvan distillery, girvan, ka26 9pt company no. sc236185 hendrick's gin, 44% alc./vol. ©2019 bottled and imported by william grant & sons, inc. new york, ny. please enjoy the unusual responsibl A pear-inflected twist on the classic French 75, this simple, balanced drink is ideal for autumn. 1 oz Hendrick's gin.5 oz Peach Street Pear Brandy 1 oz Hendrick's Gin

Meet the delightfully peculiar Hendrick's Gin - a most unusual premium gin distilled in Scotland with curious, yet marvellous, infusions of cucumber & rose It joins a long line of innovations from Hendrick's and I'm excited to not only create new expressions at the Gin Palace, but also share them with curious tasters and gin explorers all over.

Thank goodness for the alchemic genius of Lesley Gracie. Lesley is the woman who created Hendrick's Gin, and this is how she choose to drink it. Smooth and floral with room for Hendrick's botanical wonders to shine through like the light of a supernova illuminating a mermaid at a clog dance. This is the cocktail for those in the know Hendrick's Gin launched in 1999. It likely needs no introduction. Hendrick's Gin was launched by William Grant & Sons at a time when gin wasn't the diverse, thriving category it is today. A clear callback to gin's forbears, the apothecary style bottle suggests comparison to Genevers and a time when gin was a medicine Hendrick's Gin, which has taken the world by storm since launching in 1999 and slowly become one of the world's top-selling gins, has released a new limited-edition expression that is sure to. Hendrick's Gin is adored for its rose, cucumber, floral and botanicals flavor notes. This Gin is carefully distilled at Hendrick's distillery. Based on 387 votes, the average rating for Hendrick's Gin is 8.4/10

Hendrick's Gin is infused with cucumber and rose. Mix it with your favorite ingredients for a perfect cucumber tipple. Hendrick's Gin National Brand Ambassador Jim Ryan suggests three cocktails, each of which complement the ingredient in perfect balance with Hendrick's Gin Hendrick's Gin is a brand of gin produced by William Grant & Sons at the Girvan distillery, Scotland, and launched in 1999. It was invented by Lesley Gracey ,a Yorkshire native, who was hired by William Grant & Sons to work in new liquid development for some of their products As with all loyalists, gin drinkers take their bottle of choice seriously. And among the myriad styles and botanical flavor profiles on the market, one bottle, Hendrick's Gin, inspires.

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T he new Hendrick's Gin Palace is about 75 minutes south of Glasgow and almost wholly encased by a Game of Thrones-style black-brick wall.The entrance is a tall gothic door, also painted. I'm not much for clear alcohol and prefer heavy Scotch Whiskies and Bourbons, but there's no better change of pace than Hendrick's Gin. Unlike Bond, I'll take a Hendrick's Martini with muddled cucumber over a Vesper any day (still shaken, not stirred of course!). Add a cocktail onion for a Hendrick's Gibson, and it's STILL an amazing drink

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Hendrick's is wise to tone it down but why play it up in the marketing? Probably because drinking roses sounds even less appealing when you get down to it. This is still a quality gin, but, for better or worse, it's much less unusual and odd than it makes itself out to be

Hendrick s gin southside delectable gin tails fall all over tail from hendrick s gin with apple cider lemon juice and ginger beer hendrick s gin buc Hendrick's is a fantastic gin to introduce vodka drinkers to this category. The lighter flavor profile is a good initiation because the juniper is far in the background. For your first taste of Hendrick's, make it a simple gin and tonic garnished with a cucumber slice. Enjoy Hendrick's Gin in These Cocktail I am a gin martini drinker. I drink Hendricks in the summer, straight up, very dry with a cucumber in it and then put a little pepper on top of the cucumber. I got that from a bartender at a San Francisco hotel. He suggested it and said he would make me a new one if I didn't like it. I loved it Don't forget to subscribe to our channel now to catch the rest of our drink video series with the crew at the Baker Street Station over the next few weeks! Hendrick's Gin & Tonic Drink Recipe. Seit 1887 wird der Hendricks Gin vom Familienunternehmen William Grant & Sons in Schottland hergestellt. Dabei werden neben den üblichen Zutaten wie Wacholderbeeren, Koriander, Iriswurzel und Zitronenschale auch Rosenblüten und Gurke ver

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It could be argued that this year's Gin Brand Champion, Hendrick's, is the spirit that sparked the craft gin craze. Over the course of 2017, the William Grant & Sons­-owned gin, known for its. This Fall All Over Cocktail from Hendrick's Gin is fantastic. Combining gin, apple cider, lemon juice and ginger beer in an ice cold beverage garnished with nutmeg. Tis the Fall Season! While I do love experimenting with cocktails I'm also not adverse to using a brand's recipe; as a matter of.

From a gin with rose and cucumber to a lemon-infused bottling from Italy, these gins will satisfy even the most devout vodka drinker. Hendrick's Gin ($35) Instead of having the standard juniper-heavy evergreen notes synonymous with most gins, this Scottish spirit opts for a more floral approach Gin is the spirits industry's latest muse, says Edward Dieusaert, the bar services manager at Cunard who developed an entire gin bar in June called Gin & Fizz, featuring more than 13,500. Our Gin and Tonic Dream is the BroBasket made to impress the most discerning gin drinker on earth. This gin and tonic gift set includes not one, not two, but five of our favorite types of gin. Unwind with a Hendrick's Gin and Tonic. Packed into a reusable BroBasket crate, this gift set includes one bottle of Bombay Sapphire, one bottle of.

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  1. No list of gifts for gin drinkers would be complete without one of the most famous brands of gin out there. Hendrick's Gin is the perfect gift for all gin lovers. This gin consists of flowers, roots and seeds complimenting the two main infusions of rose petal and cucumber
  2. Anyway, I'm not here to advertise Hendrick's gin, but check out their website it's a total trip. They claim that their gin tastes different to other gins because of the rose petal and cucumber infusion, as well as the small batch distillation process. The Wall Street Journal voted it the best gin in the world in 2003
  3. The emperors new gin. Hendricks is a gin for people who don't like gin. There, I said it. Broad strokes aside, the love for this brand is genuine and clearly shows theres many that feel cucumber and rose petals belong in the same sentence as juniper and orange. I personally don't rate this gin in a G&T but can appreceate it near or with ginger ale
  4. Wasn't a gin drinker at all until I tried this one.Now Hendricks G&T is my favorite drink. I've back tracked and tried alot of gins since Hendricks and nothing else is even in the ballpark.More juniper than you think once you take time to sip on a martini
  5. Hendrick's Gin er en skotsk gin (selvfølgelig er de også bedst til det) og efter sigende også den anerkendte øl- og whiskyekspert Michael Jacksons favorit til en G&T. 6 cl Hendrick's Gin; Fevertree Tonic; Tag en agurk og skræl den. Skær den i et groft langt stykke, som du ruller om din finger, til du har stykket i en spirale

Amazon's Choice for hendricks gin W&P MAS-CARRYKIT-GT Carry on Cocktail Kit, Gin and Tonic, Travel Kit for Drinks on the Go, Craft Cocktails, TSA Approved 3.5 out of 5 stars 17 Fact: Gin is the best clear spirit on your bar. Its herbal flavor lends itself to refreshing cocktails from gimlets and punches to smashes and martinis. Bottoms up, because these gin cocktails. If you want a change from sipping gin and tonic, The Cocktail Project has recipes for gin drinks ranging from classics like Tom Collins to gin martini and more

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While Tanqueray London Dry Gin is our go-to gin for a gin and tonic or Negroni, Tanqueray 10 works much better in cocktails like the Aviation, the Southside, and the Gin Rickey. With its fresh citrus core, Tanqueray Ten is often our gin of choice in citrus-focused cocktails, and it's considered by many to be one of the best gins for the martini In a Martini: As with a gin and tonic, a Hendrick's martini might not have the icy edge and wallop a more juniper-forward gin might bring, instead it's a more subtle, sly, complex wallop. In a Negroni: While I find that Hendrick's makes a very good Negroni, I also feel like the drink needs a little tweaking to make a truly stellar Negroni Hendrick's Gin is a light, easy-drinking gin that makes much of its unusual rose and cucumber botanicals, but actually doesn't taste much of them at all. It is nonetheless a quality spirit that will no doubt continue to act as an introduction to the gin category for many for some time Hendrick's Gin was launched to a warm welcome in 1999 by William Grant & Sons. This was a time when in the local bar we were only presented with a small selection of Gins from the main brands such as Beefeater and Gordons

As many a gin drinker has been known to say, no other gin tastes like Hendrick's because no other gin is made like Hendrick's. TASTING NOTES Curiously smooth with superb balance of botanicals, Hendrick's is sublimely clean and dry, yet the marvelous complexity of the nose comes through in the taste And great content marketing can absolutely attract audiences you never thought you'd have. Case in point: I am fascinated with Hendrick's Gin. I'm not a gin drinker. I can't say that I've ever had a cocktail with gin in it (though I'm sure one slipped in there somewhere.) I'm fairly certain I've never had Hendrick's Gin When it comes to gin, the Hendrick's brand commands the utmost respect. Dubbed the best gin in the world by the Wall Street Journal, this quintessentially British gin offers drinkers a whole new world of flavor that evokes images of Victorian culture, particularly the iconic British tea party This Hendrick's gin TV ad puts most wine advertising to shame A friend of mine, a woman who hits the wine demographic sweet spot, doesn't drink gin, doesn't buy gin, and doesn't like gin. So I asked her to watch this Hendrick's gin TV commercial

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Handmade in tiny batches, the tender approach is what makes Hendrick's so divine. As many a gin drinkers has been known to say, no other gin tastes like Hendrick's because no other gin is made like Hendrick's.Smooth and superbly balanced botanicals. Clean and dry without being in any way astringent A very close friend of mine started talking about Hendrick's last year when we were living in France for the summer. I was more of a wine drinker; well long story short I'm totally hooked. I only have it as a dry martini, it's too good to mix with anything Hendrick's Gin is pleased to continue educating the United States market on its curiously infused Scottish gin, encouraging new and loyal gin drinkers alike to cultivate the unusual with the help of its full team of cucumber and tippler connoisseurs. For more information, visit HendricksGin.com

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Hendrick's Gin BY HENDRICK'S #2 in Gin Is This Your Brand? This brand has not yet registered with Influenster. If you work for this brand, you can. Hendrick's Brooklyn event was preceded by a similar west coast event in San Francisco. Both events served - and succeeded - in increasing customer awareness of the cucumber and rose infused beverage. Gin and non-gin drinkers alike were inevitably intrigued by the curious world of oddities Hendrick's presented them with

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Gin Drinks Recipes Looking for gin recipes? Allrecipes has more than 100 trusted gin recipes complete with ratings, reviews and mixing tips Gin was once a common straight drink, up through the 19th century. But it had the bad luck of also being a phenomenal base for cocktails, particularly the martini and the gin and tonic

Hendrick's Gin is known as a bit of an oddball in the gin world. In fact, it kind of kickstarted a new modern gin movement, that gives distillers a freer hand to experiment with botanicals that were never before used in the spirit or hidden behind more prominent, classic aromas and flavors. Announcing the Hendrick's Gin x BoomCase collaboration! Now available in our online store.Read the full press release below: Hendrick's Gin is pleased to announce its partnership with The BoomCase, maker of the original rechargeable vintage suitcase boom box, which this week unveiled a one-of- a-kind speaker system that includes a full Hendrick's Gin Tea Set

Hendrick's is known for its popular cucumber and rose flavoured gin, and now the classic brand has created a brand new flavour: Hendrick's Midsummer Solstice. The new Hendrick's is a limited. Hendrick's Gin is a small batch gin produced in Ayrshire, Scotland and is distilled from a proprietary recipe. Hendrick's Gin is infused with the traditional juniper, coriander, and citrus peel flavors you may expect to find in gin, but Hendrick's also infuses a couple unexpected botanicals 2 reviews of Hendrick's Gin Cocktail Academy This event was the bomb! Lilly W., Norma G., and I got schooled at the Hendricks Gin Cocktail Academy on an unassuming Monday night. I have never attended anything like this before

To be honest, all these years after my first experience with Hendrick's, at most bars it is the most accessible gin behind the counter and still to-this-day perhaps the most likely gateway for the non-gin drinker to realize what gin has to offer. Cocktails. Hendrick's UK— alike it's American 44% ABV sister— is a versatile mixer in all. Gin Masterclass at Flipside Cocktail Club in Bristol Presented by Hendrick's Gin Think of all the things you are able to do utilizing a superb bottle of gin, here are twenty delicious and hassle free gin situated cocktails Hendrick's Gin Launches Quintum, a New Quinne Cordial The unusual flavors of our gin appeal to a curiously pernickety drinker and so it is only right we take time before putting the HENDRICK.

So, after looking at the cross section of New Western Dry Gins, I think most of them would fall into the Distilled Gin (Hendricks, for instance) and London Gin production designations (defined below,) which insure a high quality and fully integrated palate I'm usually not a gin drinker, but this is one I enjoyed emensly. Maybe it's just a matter of having the right gin. Hendricks is made in Scotland in small batches. In addition to the usual juniper, you'll find Hendricks infused with rose, cucumber, and elderflower and other botanicals. It teams up beautifully with tonic water Hendrick's is the marriage of two different spirits from two rare and unusual stills: the Bennet still and the Carter-Head still. By combining the two, we are able to create an extraordinarily smooth gin that has the required character and balance of subtle flavours. And that - without giving away the shop - is how we make Hendrick's Gin 40 reviews of Yelp's Boho and Botanicals with Hendrick's Gin Oh my gosh, how could I have forgotten to review this gem?? First of all, the Aristocrat is one of my all time favorite Broad Ripple spots so any event here would make me happy

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Hendrick's Gin 44% ABV/88 Proof Available worldwide for $25 to $35 per bottle What the distillery says: This handcrafted gin is distilled for a proprietary recipe which includes traditional botanicals such as juniper, coriander, and citrus peel Ok, now for Andrew's classic Gin & Tonic: Start with 3 cubes of ice in the glass. Add 1.5 or 2 oz of Hendrick's gin. Fill up the glass with Tonic water. Add some pepper to taste. Garnish with a slice of cucumber. So, the next time you're having a little soirée of some sort, make sure to add these his & hers gin cocktails to the menu Hendrick's Gin hails from the Girvan distillery in Scotland, and is made by William Grant, best known for its Glenfiddich and Balvenie Scotch whiskies. Hendrick's Gin Gift Sets The brand plays heavily on the Victoriana theme, with oh-so-British imagery of tea parties and apothecary-style bottle and strapline 'A Most Unusual Gin' Hendrick's needs little introduction, but we'll give you a brief overview, nonetheless. Distilled by Leslie Gracie up in Scotland, the gin was perhaps the first weirdo on the scene and definitely the product that put Gin back in the spotlight, transforming it from the granny's drink of choice to hipster favourite

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The third gin made by Anchor, Old Tom is a classic pot-still distilled gin made with juniper and myriad botanicals that are formulated to create a sweeter, less dry gin. The sweetness mostly comes from the addition of star anise and licorice as well as the surprising inclusion of stevia One gloomy afternoon, we spent a few relaxing hours learning how to make gin cocktails at Pahit. The laidback class was hosted by Hendrick's new regional ambassador in Southeast Asia, Charmaine Ann Thio. We learned the difference between a cobbler, sour, and martini. Then, we took a shot at making. They function to complement and set the stage for our delicious duet of infusions: rose petal and cucumber. The infusion of rose and cucumber: No other gin tastes like Hendrick's because no other gin is made like Hendrick's. It is infused with the remarkable Bulgarian Rosa Damascena and specially selected cucumbers from the finest producers The Garibaldi Spagliato is an orange gin fizz cocktail, created by Hendrick's Gin to be sipped in the summer. This gorgeously zesty drink combines orange juice, Campari, champagne and of course, the delightful Hendrick's gin

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Hendrick's Gin has revealed an otherworldly expansion to its distillery: the Hendrick's Gin Palace. The $17 million dollar mansion houses botanicals for further gin experimentation The Best Bar in Asia Names a New Head Bartender Following the Departure of Filipino Bartender Cedric Mendoza. Members of the public with the good fortune to spy The Hendrick's Grand Garnisher on the road are encouraged to photograph the vehicle immediately (lest no one believe them) and post it using #HendricksGrandGarnisher hashtag and by tagging @HendricksGin. For additional dates check out Hendricks Gin online

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Was recently introduced to Hendrick's Gin and tonic - my new absolute favorite drink! While at Quaker City Mercantile, I was also the primary designer for the Hendrick's brand. I worked on numerous pieces for the brand including ads, billboards, retail displays and menus Hendrick's Orbium Gin is adored for its cucumber, lemon zest, floral and grassy flavor notes. This Gin is carefully distilled at Hendrick's distillery. Based on 38 votes, the average rating for Hendrick's Orbium Gin is 8.5/10. Top reviews for Hendrick's Orbium Gin: — Love this gin! This is my second bottle and we love drinking it in a martini. I like using Hendricks in a Bijou cocktail -- though the drink tastes different, and maybe a little less balanced, than if you use something like Plymouth. Still one of my favorite drinks, though. Bijou: equal parts green Chartreuse, gin, and sweet vermouth. Most recipes call for a dash of orange bitters, too, which I heartily support Simple and Delicious Hendrick's Gin & Tonic Recipe. We'll Even Deliver all of the Ingredients to Your Door in the Next Hour! Let's Get the Party Started

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Review: Hendrick's Gin 76.5/100 A review by Chip Dykstra (Aka Arctic Wolf) Posted December, 7 2011 (Revisited May 26, 2014) The people who make Hendrick's Gin pride themselves on being just a little quirky, and perhaps a bit eccentric An unusual distillation process combined with an oddly delicious set of infusions of rose petal and cucumber yields a one-of-a-kind gin that is passionately loved by a tiny, yet growing, handful of individuals all over the world. Handmade in tiny batches, the tender approach is what makes Hendrick's so divine Hendrick's Midsummer Solstice is a new release from Hendrick's Gin in Girvan. This is the third release of Hendricks gin following the original and Hendricks Orbium - their quininated gin See the recipe for Cucumber Gin Cooler » Helen Rosner This refreshing update on the classic gin & tonic is an easy sipper, thanks to summery cucumber slices and plenty of lime juice

I checked some sites to buy a good gin, but my my, what a lot of Gin's. I really didn't know which one to buy. After some search on the internet, I ordered the Hendrick's gin, the Bulldog an the Filliers. And to know a little bit more about gin, I also ordered the book Gin & Tonic, around the world in 80 gins, from Manuel Wouters Hendrick's Gin is holding a series of fêtes called Voyages Into the Unusual to celebrate its handcrafted cool-cucumber-and-rose-infused gin.The traveling party, which has been making its way around the country (next up, NYC), is meant to bring the peculiar world of Hendrick's Gin to life and provide an all-encompassing experience of the spirit For Lesley, who perhaps experiences a form of Synesthesia, Hendricks is distinctly rounded in shape — the result of her unique blend. The gin incorporates 11 botanicals into the distillation before adding concentrations of cucumber and rose essence to give the gin its distinctive character