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Update #28 - Patch Notes - - 2019/04/17 08:40 Hi everyone,Update #28 is now available on live servers!PUBG's latest update introduces our brand new feature Weapon Mastery! Weapon Mastery is a progression system that allows players to earn free.. PUBG update 29 has made its way to Test Servers. It adds Tactical Map Markers and the second Vikendi loot rebalance. Read the patch notes here Dive into the patch notes below! What is the PTS (Public Test Server)? The PTS (Public Test Server) is a separate PUBG server that is free for anyone who already owns a copy of PUBG. The purpose of the test server is not just to provide a preview of upcoming features, but to find the issues and bugs we need to solve as soon as possible PUBG update 28 has just made its way to Test Servers, and we have the patch notes to prove it. The Weapon Mastery system gives greater depth to the guns you use, and there's a lot more loot on. Quick Patch Notes Rundown of the Update #7 May 21 PTS (Test Server). Make sure to download the PTS next Tuesday if you want to try the Patch out before it hits the Live Servers. PUBG Xbox One.

'PUBG' Test Server Update 29 Fixes Vikendi Loot & Adds Map

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  1. This patch will be deployed to the test servers first early next week. We will update you with the exact date and time soon. Before we delve into the patch notes, we would like to share several important announcements and the schedule for the test servers
  2. PUBG Patch Notes Early Access Week 8 May 16th, 2017 PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Rumors. November 7, 2018 How to win a key to test the new 4×4 PUBG Map.
  3. These patch notes have been updated. Update 1 - 12/20/2018 Read the changes at the bottom of this post. -- Hey everyone, This week, we are updating the PTS with lots of exciting content for you to test out! This update will include our new 6x6km map Vikendi, new weapons, Graphical Settings
  4. Hey everyone, A few months ago, we asked our PS4 community to jump into the wintry, snow-themed map Vikendi and record the best stunt they could pull off. Many o
  5. New PUBG Xbox One Test Server Update; Here Are The Patch Notes The full patch notes are on PUBG's forums, but we've outlined the highlights below. PUBG is available on Xbox One and PC

'PUBG' Test Server Update 28 Adds Weapon Mastery & Loot

PUBG Test Server Update #26 Patch Notes: PUBG PC test server update #26 is rolling out on steam and all the eligible platforms. Make sure you upgrade to the latest Patch #26 update of the PUBG PC Test Server PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds. Patch Notes Hi everyone, Update #28 is now available on the PUBG: Test Server and is scheduled to hit live servers very soon. PC Players: Update #29 is now available on the PUBG: Test Server! This update brings the 2nd round of Vikendi balance changes, Tactical Map Markers, Custom Match improvements and a bunch of QOL changes

In this video I will discuss the new PUBG Xbox Test server Update. I will go over the patch notes and give you a brief overview of everything there is. CLIP SUBMISSION Email - Trevhugunin2@gmail. Check out the latest PUBG Patch Notes Test Build 1.0 #3. Only a few more days until PUBG 1.0 goes live. New replay system, gameplay changes and bug fixes

PUBG PC UPDATE 12: Patch Notes revealed for Test Server with new map selection feature. PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds continues to get better. Today marks the launch of the game's twelfth update on Steam since the 1.0 version of the title was released A new patch has just been applied to the PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) test server. Patch notes outlining a number of changes have been released alongside the update. For the most part, the latest update focuses on fixing a number of bugs in the environment, as well as improving in-game performance The latest PUBG Test Server update is now live, giving users an early look at the PC 1.0 update. Changes include better Sanhok visuals, terrain collision fixes, and more

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  1. For more information on what was fixed, tweaked and added, read our detailed Patch Update #28 Notes [www.pubg.com]. Patch #28 debuts Weapon Mastery to the world. Get complete stats and cool charms for your entire arsenal as you build up your skill level on each of PUBG's signature guns
  2. PUBG PC Test Server Update #27 Patch Notes: Hello everyone, Finally PUBG PC Test Server Update #27 is live now and is been rolling out to the Test Server version of the Game. This update includes the new Survivor Pass 3 which include 60 rewards
  3. PC Players: Test server maintenance is complete and Vikendi is back. Solo, Duo and Squad mode now available on all maps. We also resolved a bug which reset the camera angle when exiting the plane to the left
  4. PUBG Test Server Xbox One Update: Other Changes And Improvements. There are other changes and improvements in the PUBG Test Server Xbox One Update, which you can check out in the full patch notes.
  5. PUBG - Update 28 Patch Notes | WEAPON MASTERY Update #28 is now available on the PUBG: Test Server and is scheduled to hit live servers very soon. As always, we'll keep you updated and announce when it goes to Live
  6. PUBG Test Server Patch Notes January 23 - New Weapon, Attachment, Vehicle & More by Cord · Published January 23, 2019 · Updated January 23, 2019 PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds test server has received it's latest update
  7. Update #28 is now available on the PUBG: Test Server and is scheduled to hit live servers very soon. As always, we'll keep you updated and announce when it goes to Live! PUBG's latest update introduces our brand new feature Weapon Mastery

The patch notes for the PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds test server have been released with the much-anticipated bullet penetration and dynamic weather features included.PUBG's Xbox team has. PUBG XBOX PATCH NOTES had been released beforehand of the very last Miramar desolate tract map testing section, which is scheduled to begin today (May 18) at eight a.M. PT. Unlike previous testing stages, there aren't any regulations at the variety of gamers who can take part, with the PUBG Test Server available to all Xbox users [UPDATED - Official Patch Notes]PUBG PC Update 14 Leaked Notes Confirm Plenty Of Performance Improvements, New Anti-Hacking System Before posting to the Live server, we will test on the Test. Xbox Players: The PUBG Test Server is now online and playable! Play the latest patch before it comes to live servers. Test out dynamic weather, limb penetration, various performance updates, bug fixes, and more

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PUBG PTS is back with a ton of new content for you to test out for the Devs. If you didn't already know, The PTS is a separate PUBG server that's free to download for anyone who already owns a copy of PUBG Following the patch, users will be able to help out with testing new features on the game's Test Server. This is the current schedule and information regarding the testing phase: First Test Servers: Focus on the Vaulting & Climbing Feature We have decided to run the first test servers prior to the PC 1.0 release in early November There's a lot of new tweaks and additions for this month's PUBG update. Aside from the fog, there's a new town called East of Stalber, and lots more. Check out the full patch notes below. o The foggy weather effect will hinder player sight on the map. This weather effect has a low probability. Here's everything found in PC 1.0 Update #7 courtesy of the official patch notes from PUBG Corporation. Server optimization Trending: Watch: Woman Dragged Away by Immigration Agents in Front of. Xbox Game Preview PTS Patch Notes. Hey everyone, We're excited to let you know that PTS is back with a ton of content for you to test out before Update #18 hits the live servers! Below are the patch notes for your review before you jump into the PTS

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PUBG has released the patch notes for the latest test server update for the game's Xbox variant, and it is loaded with changes to weapons, and also introduces of new items, from minor tweaks to some key changes in the damage dealt by weapons. Moreover, there are some major UI changes. The full patch notes for the latest PUBG update have been released and beyond the Test Server for Miramar, there are also optimizations, bug fixes, and new weapons and vehicles. Optimization and Stability: Performance and stability are the highest priority issues for us, and it's something we'll continue to focus on going forward

PUBG's test servers got delay by two hours so we couldn't play tonight. However we did get the patch notes and they have some massive changes that will really change how the game is played in almost all game modes PUBG Xbox One update: Patch notes REVEALED for next major Battlegrounds update BATTLEGROUNDS gets a new update on the Xbox One test servers, which means a full release should follow soon The next update to Pubg xbox and ps4 will be coming first to the PTS next week, we should also have the patch notes for the update by the end of this week. We take a look at the update and other news information to see what this means for PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds on Xbox One & PS4


PUBG Test Server Patch Notes (Xbox One) - Optimization and Addition to our website. This tool will do good job 100% and won't let you down. All features an instructions are included in installation process. Just download file and open it and read instructions. PUBG Test Server Patch Notes (Xbox One) - Optimization and: File is clean and. The 9.5GB patch released earlier for everyone running PUBG's test server. The update includes a host of last-minute fixes to problems players reported this past week, as PUBG Corp gets ready.

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The PUBG Development team stated that they wanted to test Erangel in conjunction with all the new features as [they] make [their] final adjustments for PC 1.0. You'll be happy to learn that the latest patch also unlocked the rewards menu. Aquarail has been added to Erangel, and Miramar's new Ghillie suit was sent to the care package on Erangel XBOX. PUBG Xbox One update 14: Test Server updates, Miramar news and Patch Notes revealed. The current PUBG Xbox One build is the thirteenth of its kind, but the developers at Bluehole are already testing new settings for the upcoming Update 14 on the games test server, which returned on Friday [Update] The full patch notes for today's PUBG Test Server update have been revealed. You can check them out here. [Original Story] A new PUBG PC Test Server update has just been released. The patch notes arrive courtesy of a post on the game's In addition to bringing the Miramar map to consoles, there are several gameplay and stability tweaks as well. 'PUBG' Miramar Test Server Update Live on Xbox One - Patch Notes & Fixe

PUBG's test server returns tonight in preparation for the 1.0 update As part of the updated patch notes there have been a few bug Players who experienced the patch on the test servers. PUBG servers will be down for a period of maintenance to get the battle royale stalwart ready for update #28. Here are the full patch notes

A new PUBG update has gone live on the PC test server, introducing some quality of life improvements and more. The PUBG update #29 also introduces a second Vikendi map rebalance. The tweaks involve the blue zone, item spawn rate, vehicle spawn rate, loot inside the secret cavern and more. Catch the full update notes below PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds has a new Test Server update on PC, and it adds many new features touted in Thursday's 2018 roadmap. Achievements, a dozen emotes and a designated friends list highlight the latest batch of fresh content. Here's everything found in PC 1.0 Update #7 courtesy of the official patch notes from PUBG Corporation Bluehole has just released PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Update 1.0 second test server. The full patch notes/changelog confirms the addition of two new weapons, reduction in bandaging time, and. The PC version of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is getting a few big additions in a test patch this week. It's not yet clear when the patch will be available on PUBG test servers, but.

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'PUBG' MIRAMAR TEST SERVER PATCH NOTES . Optimization and stability In order to take part in the Miramar test, simply search for and download PUBG Test Server in the Microsoft Store The PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds test server patch has made both maps, the old Erangel and new Miramar, playable, as well as adding some of the items that came with the new map to the old, such. PUBG Xbox One update TODAY: Patch notes confirmed for new live release BATTLEGROUNDS fans can check out the game's brand new Codename Savage map on the PC test server PUBG was released on December 7th for the PS4. It is already available on PC and Xbox One while you can also enjoy it on Smartphones. PUBG Update Version 1.04 PS4 Patch Notes Release PUBG is available on Xbox One and PC. PUBG Update 18 Patch Notes Spectate Mode. When spectating a player, their aiming movement is now more in sync with the spectator view. Performance. Smoke and flames from vehicles have been optimized to improve frame rate. Server performance has been improved by adjusting the replication rate

PUBG update 12 patch notes are now available for players. The latest PUBG patch 12 includes bug fixes, more improvements for Miramar, and weapon balance changes. In addition, the patch also introducing changes to inventory management, in an effort to increase the speed at which players can navigate menus and change their loadout Patch Notes; PGI Camo Set; PGI Ringside Set; PGI Sporty Set; PGI Team Crate; PGI Title Set; Pioneer Crate; Pistols; PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS VI Wiki; PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS Wiki; PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS ZH Wiki; Pre-Order Crate; PUBG 5 Pack; PUBG Bounty Hunter Set; PUBG Partner; QuickDraw Mags; Ranks; Sanhok Map; Shirts; Shoes.

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds / PUBG - Here's what's new in Battlegrounds in the September Update Patch Notes! September 12, 2017 Nicholas Archer PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds / PUBG 0 In this article, we will talk about the new content in PUBG in the September Update Patch Notes written by HARUSOL on Steam The test server for PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds on the Xbox One is now back in business with a new schedule and a full list of patch notes to be tested.During this test server period, both.

PUBG patch notes shed light on contentious paid crate system By Andy Chalk 2017-08-01T18:51:56.212Z A long list of fixes and updates in the upcoming monthly patch PUBG test build adds replays menu and update on map selection. You can read more about this in the update and here are the test server patch notes. PUBG 1.0 Test Build Patch Notes #3 PUBG Patch Notes: New Weapon, Weather, Town, Balances, and Optimizations. the foggy weather will have a higher chance to occur during test server gameplay, but will be reduced for Live servers. Update 2: Well, that didn't take long. Despite Bluehole's earlier suggestion that PUBG's second monthly update would be postponed to next week (as reported below), it's now live on stable servers.

PUBG - PC Update #23 - Patch Notes Breakdown. PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS Videos Patch 27 Live on Test Server. English (US) · Español · Português (Brasil). H1Z1, PUBG, Just Survive, News, Trading, Item Database, Crafting Recipes, Updates, Patch Notes and More! View content on Survivors Rest H1Z1, PUBG, Just Survive News & Info - Survivors Res Search for Server Patch? Useful results specially for yo PUBG's test servers will stay live until the game's 1.0 launch on PC A new patch has also been pushed to the test servers for the final week leading up to 1.0's launch, and it includes a.

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Test Server Updated 25 Patch Notes - playerunknown's battlegrounds Raj January 24, 2019 Leave a Comment Pubg already a month into the launch of Vikendi and have been pouring over the data and community feedback about our latest map pubg xbox one - emotes and new scopes - test server patch notes - huge new update May 10, 2019 admin Pubg Maps 8 Here are the patch notes for the Test Server The latest PUBG update is now live on Test Server and it adds a new sub-machine gun MP5K. The patch also buffs M16A4 and brings tweaks to other weapons including Vector, along with some improvements to matchmaking and Quick Join feature A new PUBG update has gone live on the PC test server, introducing some quality of life improvements and more. The PUBG update #29 also introduces a second Vikendi map rebalance. The tweaks involve the blue zone, item spawn rate, vehicle spawn rate, loot inside the secret cavern and more. Catch the full update notes below All the changes from this patch are currently being tested on the PUBG Test Server, and will be pushed to the live version of the game as soon as the test in this patch, PUBG Corp. has finally.

The PTS is a separate PUBG server that's free to download for anyone who already owns a copy of PUBG. The purpose of the test server is not to provide a preview of upcoming features, but to find the issues we need to solve so we can work on the fix as soon as possible The new PUBG Mobile update #29 is live on the PUBG PC test servers, bringing along not just big gameplay changes, but also some improvements on the quality of life, another Vikendi map revamp and more. The optimizations focus on the blue zone, item, and vehicle spawn rate, pillage inside the secret cave and much more

Patch Note - April 25th 2019; Can I play PUBG LITE on Garena? PUBG LITE Beta Test is now available in 13 countries! What is PUBG LITE? Does PUBG LITE support cross-play? When is the release date of PUBG Lite ? What is PUBG LITE's minimum specifications? Will PUBG LITE have a pre-registration event? Patch Notes - May 9th 2019; How can I change. PUBG's September Patch Gets a New Weapon, But Vaulting is Still MIA (UPDATE) Full patch notes are expected to hit early next week as the test server goes live The update is currently available on the game's test server. PUBG Corp. hasn't provided a time table for when it will apply the changes to the live game, but the update should be rolling out to all players soon. PUBG PC Update #19 Patch Notes. Gameplay. Bullet penetration system is now applied to arms and hands

This page contains information on PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) Month 4 Update patch notes and regular updates. Detailed here are upcoming features and tweaks confirmed by Bluehole for their next update of the game, including gameplay bug fixes and changes, and new weapons, equipment, items and game mechanics Early Access - Patch notes/Steam Early Access (Test Server) By PUBG Help Team in Patch Notes , Wiki on September 4, 2018 4.6 (92.57%) 853 vote PUBG Xbox performance patch arrives, the first of presumably many and the console version will get its own test server too. PUBG Xbox Patch 11 notes follow Share PUBG's latest test build reveals a draft of the new desert map (update: and the other, called the test server. This is a subset of servers where the developers at PUBG put the final.

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PUBG Update #29 - Now on the Test Server! Fixed an issue which caused the patch notes to close when clicking a blank area of the notes The upcoming patch 18 for PUBG Xbox One is presently free to download to test the changes made in the game on PTS (Public Test Server) for every owner of the battle royale game. Bluehole is trying. PUBG has received a new patch on the test servers. Update 27 can now be tested. Test Server Patch Notes. PUBG patch notes for the 1.05 update on Playstation 4. A huge update for the Xbox One can be tested now on the PTS for PUBG until the 16th of July. Checkout the details below for the patch notes and enjoy! PUBG Xbox One Patch Notes Weapons Pistols Increased the damage of the P92, P1911, P18C, R1895, and R45 Shotguns Increased overall damage [

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New Update For PUBG PC Test Server Is Out. Jordan Coetsee / Updates / PC, PUBG, PUBG Corp / Before PUBG Corp. releases changes to their battle royale title, PUGB. PUBG PC Test Server Patch Notes The patch notes also indicated the individual drop rate of the gear that can be acquired through these new crates. Everyone who'll be logging in to the game's test server will be getting 100,000 Battle Points and six Early Bird keys in order to test the stability. Minor alterations. Some minor tweaks were also included in the latest patch PUBG Corp seem to be smashing out the updates for their game, just recently the Xbox One version received its first person servers . Now, the PC version has had a new patch pushed out the test. PUBG is without a doubt prepping up for Halloween as they recently tweeted out a short clip that hints on upcoming spook-fueled skins. That said, it's game developer also rolled out a new Test Server patch that introduced a new weapon and game mode

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PUBG PC 1.0 Update 21 Patch Notes: Training Mode, MK47 Mutant, Tukshai and FIX PUBG A bundle of new stuff has arrived on Playerunknown's Battlegrounds's test servers today A major update for PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds has been released to the game's test server ahead of a full release on PC. PUBG Corp. has detailed everything to expect with full patch notes, which range from new content-like a weapon, vehicle, and attachments-to numerous balance changes and the long-awaited map-select feature Developer PUBG Corp. has also made further optimization changes to ensure the game runs more smoothly. Take a look at the full patch notes below, via PUBG Corp. The developer has also stated that PUBG's new limb and vehicle penetration system-which was due to be introduced this month-has been delayed PUBG Xbox One update (October 25) is now rolling out for players. According to the official PUBG Xbox One patch notes, the new big update has added the Training Mode, two new weapons, and two new vehicles to PUBG, along with several quality of life and bug fixes If you want to see the future of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, the PC test server is where to play. Developer PUBG Corp. deploys frequent updates to the server to beta-test new features, and a new patch was released today on Steam. In addition to tweaks to the desert map, the patch also adds a new anti-cheating measure

SteamDB is a community website and is not affiliated with Valve or Steam. All times on the site are UTC The next PUBG patch will remove weapons from the lobby, split players up PUBG is good, but what's Here's the full patch notes. It's on the test server now and will hit live once they. Regarding gameplay, the PUBG test server patch adds a new reporting tool that allows players to report suspected cheaters directly from the Replay feature. This gives players more flexibility when it comes to flagging suspicious players in-game. The full list of patch notes for the forthcoming PUBG update can be found on Steam This test has therefore been launched to make sure the game is stable with these measures in place. PUBG says that if the game is crashing on the test server then move back to the live. The patch. release: 10 August 2017 (August 9 on the test server) The 20th Early Access update is coming up and performs numerous improvements to the game client before, to improve performance. see the patch notes as follows: Improved client performance for PCs with 6-core CPUs or better. Improved user interface. Motorcycles and screeching tires are not as.

A new patch for everybody's favorite battle royale, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds hits the test server today.PUBG Corp. has claimed that it should improve the game's performance, as well as. Xbox One PUBG Test Server Comes Back Online; Here Are The Patch Notes GameSpotPUBG PC Update 17.1 Brings Gameplay Improvements, Bug Fixes; MMR Matchmaking For Sanhok Coming Soon WccftechWe agree with the criticisms of the game th.. PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is heading into its third month as an Early Access title, and while server performance and other fixes have been a priority for the team, they've finally released the full details of the PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds month 3 patch, which should drop this Thursday, June 29 PUBG PC players receive another update on the test server. Video Game News, Lists & Guides. NEWS Here are the update's patch notes Read the full patch notes below: Trending: Puerto Rico's Hurricane Maria Power Outage Is Now The World's Second Largest Blackout 'PUBG' TEST SERVER 1.0 UPDATE 10 PATCH NOTES . General Gameplay . We've adjusted Safe Zone and Blue Zone functionality. Also, in-game clothing spawns have been removed. Blue Zone delay time has been reduced

Hi everybody, Patch #11 will hit test servers soon. Please leave your feedback on the [test server] feedback board. If the patches made to the test servers are proven to be stable enough, they will be deployed to the live servers within the week. Live server update schedules will be announced later Among the many other things added to the PUBG test servers last night was a new Snowbike vehicle, allowing players to zip around the frosty Vikendi map a little more freely and in a style befitting the map. Alas, it was a short-lived affair, with the developers pulling the Snowbike from the test environment a little earlier on today

Keep in mind these changes are only for the Test Server right now and are subject to alterations. Here is the complete PUBG Weapon Balance Patch: Weapon & Item Balanc The Sanhok map started out on PUBG's experimental test server, and was originally named 'Savage' for its more frantic, close-quarters gameplay. You can read the full patch notes in full on the. Introduction. PUBG Mobile is a real survival shooting game released by Tencent, with the English version for both platforms Android and iOS. You can explore PUBG Mobile on your computer or desktop via Bluestacks aside from Tencent Gaming Buddy which can be played on PC