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  1. Nisab is the exemption limit for the payment of Zakat. In other words, it is the amount which savings or capital or product must exceed in order for the Muslim owner to be obliged to give zakat. Nisab amount calculated based on 3 oz of pure Gold which is $3,891 as of May 29, 2018. When is Zakat due date
  2. Nisab (updated 16 April 2019):. Value of Gold. Value of Silver. Cash. In hand and in bank accounts. Deposited for some future purpose, e.g. Hajj. Given out in loans. Business investments, shares, saving certificates, pensions funded by money in one's possessio
  3. imum amount of wealth one must have before they are liable to pay zakat

Zakat al-Mal: Overview. Zakat al-mal is applicable on all the financial belongings such as currency, gold, silver, property and vehicles too if these are either held with the intentions of trading or savings i.e. zakat is not applicable over things that are necessities of life Masjid Al-Rahman 1089 N. Goldenrod Road Orlando, FL 32807. TeL: 407-273-7750. MASJID AL-RAHEEM 4962 Old Winter Garden Road Orlando, FL 32811. Tel: 407-523-788 2. Zakat on Precious and Semi-Precious Stones. There is some contention on whether these are to be considered for valuation. In my humble opinion if they have a value, then they calculate towards your wealth, and it is on the wealth that Zakat is mandatory Zakat is an obligatory act of worship and its omission is a grave sin in Islam. Omitting the payment of Zakat is not only disobedience to Allah but also a denial of the rights of the poor and needy. If you have omitted Zakat payments for previous years then you must make your best effort to make up for these omissions as soon as possible During Ramadan, many Islamic Relief USA donors give zakat to support work for people who qualify under Islamic principles: the poor, the needy, and travelers, which include refugees and other displaced families. In the United States, zakat funds are distributed through partner mosques (masajid) and organizations. These partners know the local.

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Zakat al-Fitr (Fitrana) amount is $7 per person. Before the Eid al-Fitr prayer at the end of Ramadan, every adult Muslim who possesses food in excess of their needs must pay zakat al-fitr (fitrana). The head of household can also pay zakat al-fitr for their dependants such as children, servants and any dependent relatives Zakat (Arabic: زكاة ‎ zakāh, that which purifies, also Zakat al-mal [zaˈkaːt alˈmaːl] زكاة المال, zakat on wealth, or Zakah) is a form of alms-giving treated in Islam as a religious obligation or tax, which, by Quranic ranking, is next after prayer in importance

Who To Give Zakat To. As-Sadaqat (Zakat) are only for the poor and for the needy and for those employed to collect [zakay] and for bringing hearts together [for Islam] and for freeing captives [or slaves] and for those in debt and for the cause of Allah and for the [stranded] traveler - an obligation [imposed] by Allah Meaning purification, Zakat is the act of giving a set percentage of your total wealth to charity each lunar year and is required of every sane, adult Muslim whose accumulated wealth exceeds the current Zakat nisab value. Zakat is so much more than just giving to those in need - paying Zakat is an act of worship

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Remember that charity in Islam (Zakat) is not just one of the core pillars of Islam, but a tool to help ease poverty, suffering and hardship throughout the globe. Payment Methods Accepted. Your donations are tax exempt under the section 170 of the 501(c)(3) section of the IRS code. Zakat Foundation of America Tax EIN: 36-447624 Hidaya Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit with Tax ID 77-0502583. All cash and in-kind donations are tax deductible. Hidaya puts it's best effort to utilize the funds donated for a specific project, sometimes circumstances dictate we use funds otherwise Zakat is Pillar of Islam to purify your wealth for Allah's (SWT) will. Zakat Calculator helps you calculate and find your payable Zakat amount of the year. Many people choose to pay their Zakat during Ramadan because of the increased reward Zakāt (Arabic: زكاة ‎ zakāt, that which purifies, also Zakat al-mal Arabic: زكاة ألمال ‎, zakat on wealth) is a form of alms-giving treated as a religious tax and/or religious obligation in Islam for all Muslims who meet the necessary criteria of wealth, and one of the Five Pillars of Islam Zakat is one of the five pillars of Islam and also an act of worship. The meaning of Zakat is to purify and so to purify wealth all Muslims are obliged to pay a portion of their assets to help those in need. In order to pay Zakat, a Muslim must be adult, sane and possess the nisab (a minimum amount of wealth) for an entire year

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  1. Featured in Sharia Portfolio's Newsletter, these are 20 Questions on Zakat which I wrote as a quick and easy guide to understanding Zakat. Be sure to get a copy of my book Simple Zakat Guide which has all this information and more, plus calculation formulas and worksheets
  2. How to Calculate your Zakat al-Mal (English & Arabic in Excel Format) Title: How to Calculate your Zakat al-Mal (English & Arabic in Excel Format) Author: The Islamic.
  3. imal amount of wealth (called nisab) for the full cycle of a lunar year must, as a matter of worship, satisfy the duty of the zakat-charity
  4. Zakat is a charitable donation that Muslims calculate and pay every year as a percentage of 2.5% on their surplus wealth. This includes cash, stocks, investment property, gold or silver. Zakat is not just a fundamental pillar of Islam - it is also a revolutionary concept with the potential to ease the suffering of millions around the world

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Before the Eid al-Fitr prayer, every able Muslim must pay Zakat al-Fitr in the form of supplying foods and money to the community This is not to be confused with the annual Zakat (Zakat al-Mal) payment. Before the end of the month of Ramadan, every adult Muslim who has food in excess of her/his needs must pay what is known as Zakat al-Fitr or fitrana. They must pay for her/himself and can also pay on behalf of his or her dependants How to calculate Zakat . If you want to calculate the quorum by gold; it is the money that has to buy (85) grams of gold (24 carat ). for Example if one gram of gold (24 carat) equal to (60 AED) then the quorum is: (85) g × (60) AED = (5100 AED ), If the money has reached the quorum, then you should pay Zakat which is a quarter of one tenth and the method of calculation that dividing the.

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  1. Zakat mal -zakat selain zakat fitrah- pada dasarnya terdiri dari berbagai macam jenis zakat. Masing-masing memiliki ketentuan yang berbeda-beda. Adapun macam-macam zakat mal antara lain: zakat emas, perak dan sejenisnya, zakat pertanian dan perkebunan, zakat perniagaan, zakat peternakan serta zakat pertambangan. Termasuk juga zakat penghasilan
  2. Zakat Al Mal. The alms or Zakat Al Mal, according to the Islamic law, is imposed on an annual basis. It covers: Financial resources beyond 85g gold and 595g of money. Livestock. The goods. Fruits, vegetables, grains and other resources extracted from the ground. The value of Zakat to be taken is 2.5% of the annual sales saved. Zakat is a right.
  3. Rules of Zakah of Property. Issue 657: Zakah is obligatory in nine things: wheat, barley, dates, grapes (raisins), gold, silver, sheep, cow and camel. If a person owns one of these nine things with the conditions which will be mentioned afterward, he is required to spend a specified amount (it will be mentioned) from it in (certain) expenditures

Zakat collectors ('amilin alayha): This refers to those individuals commissioned by the head of the Islamic government to collect Zakat. This isn't applicable today. Those whose hearts are being reconciled (mu'allafah al-qulub): This was an avenue to dispense your Zakat in during the early days of Islam Dans sa chronique sur OummaTV, le Cheikh Tahar Mahdi explique comment calculer la Zakat (l'aumône légale et troisième pilier de l'islam). Docteur en civilisation et en langue arabe, il est. Zakat in Ramadan. Zakaat becomes obligatory only when the wealth meets the criterion prescribed by the Shariah. The Prophet Mohammed (ﷺ) has fixed the criteria for gold, silver and animals. There is a Hadith in Sunan Daraqutni about the criterion for gold

Our calculator will assist you in calculating your Zakat to ensure you are fulfilling your obligation in an accurate manner. If you require further assistance, feel free to get in touch with our office and we would be happy to assist you The Zakat and Wakaf Strategic Unit's strategic priority is to promote the development of the Singapore Muslim Community by striving to fulfill its social and religious needs. As such, we have set four strategic objectives for Zakat which are: To foster righteous and responsible Amils / Zakat officers Zakat al-Mal is an annual payment based on the amount of wealth owned by a Muslim individual or organization. This payment is obligatory for any Muslim individual or organization that has completed the requirement of Nisab (minimum taxable amount) and Haul (one Muslim Hijri calendar year) ZAKAT CALCULATION FORM 30. Zakat on Resources and Found Treasure Islamic-American Zakat Foundation and write Zakat-al-Mal on memo line

Difference between Zakat & Zakat al Fitr? What is Zakat al Fitr? Zakat al Fitr (or Sadaqat al Fitr) is a duty that is paid on the occasion of Eid al Fitr and is required of every Muslim, whether male or female, minor or adult, if the total value o Zakat Calculator UK Calculate and Pay Your Zakat Using the Latest Nisab Values. Work out and donate your zakat online in a simple and quick way with the Zakat Calculator UK. Simply enter all assets that have been in your possession over the last 12 months in the boxes. Base Nisab on value o

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La zakat al-mal, l'un des cinq piliers de l'islam (avec la shahada, la prière, le hajj et le jeûne du mois de ramadan), est un impôt sur l'épargne. C'est là un droit inaliénable du pauvre sur le riche. Le musulman en est redevable et doit obligatoirement s'en acquitter, dès lors que le. Zakat Calculator. Baitulmaal is your place for Islamic giving * Zakat Information. More information on zakat (external link opens in new window) The nisab is $3,849. Sound Vision consulted Br. Ahmad Sakr to find out about some of the frequently asked questions about Zakah and their answers. Ahmad Sakr studied Islam in Lebanon for 12 years with 20 different scholars form all parts of the Middle East. He learned Quran, Hadith, Fiqh, Seerah and Dawa from them Zakat (Arabic: زكاة‎‎ zakāt, that which purifies, also Zakat al-mal زكاة ألمال, zakat on wealth, or Zakah) is a form of alms-giving treated in Islam as a religious obligation or tax, which, by Quranic ranking, is next after prayer (salat) in importance Zakat of minerals Mining is an activity that entails risk. It will be dealt with as industry and will be liable for Zakat for the net income at 10%. Zakat of treasures (Rikaz) The meaning here is any wealth fortuitously found under or above the surface of the earth. The finder is not supposed to be taking any risk nor having any significant cost

The word zakat means purity, development, blessings and praise but in practice it refers to alms - money or food that is given to the poor [1]. Zakat al-mal (or zakah al maal) can be defined as the obligation upon every Muslim man and woman having certain amount of wealth kept for a (lunar) year, to pay a certain amount [ Zakaat al-Fitr is a kind of charity (sadaqah) that is obligatory at the time of breaking the fast of Ramadaan. The word zakaat is connected by idaafah (genitive structure in Arabic grammar) to fitr because the occasion of breaking the fast is the reason why this zakaat becomes obligatory. Reasons for zakaat al -fitr and what Islam says about i 9. Pengertian Zakat Mal Yaitu zakat harta kekayaan yang wajib dikeluarkan zakatnya sebesar 2,5% dan itu sudah wajib untuk dikeluarkan jika memang hartanya tersebut telah mencapai lebih dari satu nisab, yang tentunya sesuai dengan sarat-sarat tertentu termasuk pada jenis harta yang masuk pada kategori zakat mal itu sendiri. 10 Zakat al-fitr (Fitrana) Zakat al-Fitr (fitrana) is charity given to the poor at the end of the fasting month of Ramadan. Islamic Aid suggest that £3 is given for each member of the household - including children, adults, servants etc - before the day of Eid

FITRAH FAQ GUIDE Donate Your Zakat al Fitr (Fitrah) here Fitrah - Zakat al-Fitr - Fitrana - Sadaqat al-Fitr Q: What is Fitrah? A: Fitrah is also often referred to as Sadaqat al-Fitr. The word Fitr means the same as Iftaar, breaking a fast, and it comes from the same root word as Futoor, me zakat. and distribute to people who are entitled according to Islamic law. 1.2 Problems of the Study. Based on above explanations, problems of this study are: 1. Can zakat be equated with tax? 2. Which one is more significant between zakat and tax? 1.3 Purposes of the Study. This study aims to explain whether the tax can be equated with and. Zakat or Charity is the third pillar of Islam. But what is it? And what does the word Zakat mean? Zakat is the compulsory giving of a pre-set proportion or percentage of one's wealth to charity.Payment of zakat is only compulsory to those Muslims that are wealthy enough to afford to it Zakat al-mal is related to the saved money, whereas zakat al-fitr is paid by the head of the household on behalf of the family members. Also, zakat al-mal is to be paid when the savings reach the prescribed nisab (minimum amount on which zakah is due), but zakat al-fitr is to be paid by the person who has food for one day

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The simplest and easiest way to work out your Zakat is to use our Zakat calculator. It will show the Nisaab figure (using up-to-date information) and automatically work out how much Zakah is due based on the numbers you input into the various categories Zakat Al Mal is payable by every Muslim person who meets the following conditions: a. Holds the required Nisaab, ie. the minimum/threshold amount of wealth that one must possesses before Zakat is payable

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[totaldonations-text-fields campaign=Zakat Al-Mal 2017″ text=Contribute your Zakat Al-Fitr early for easy distribution to needy families ($10.00 on behalf of yourself and every dependant). Last day to submit application for Zakatul Fitr is June 30th. #textlink:Donate here# To pay Zakat Al-Mal Zakat Al-Mal Zakat Al-Mal - Mandatory annual tax on the income paid by a Muslim, as soon as his property reaches one Nisab of gold (weight: 85 g.), Or one Nisab of silver (whose weight, in turn, is approximately 560 grams) Zakat al-Fitr is charity taken for the poor at the beginning of the fasting in the Islamic holy month of Ramadan. The Arabic word Fitr means the same as iftar, breaking a fast, and it comes from the same root word as Futoo which doesn't mean breakfast. Zakat al-Fitr is a larger than himZakat al-Mal. [citation needed Zakat and Khums (Charity) Bayt al-Mal and the Distribution of Zakat . In this article, the author discusses the Islamic concept of the Bayt al-Māl, and its. Zakat al mal is the zakat of wealth. It includes our asset, money, jewelleries (gold and silver), lands and houses, farms produce and our profit and income from work and businesses

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Differences between Zakat al-Fitr and Zakat al-Mal By Dr. Muhammad Ahmad Al-Musayyar Zakat al-mal is related to the saved money, whereas zakat al-fitr is paid by the head of the household on behalf of the family members Its not just ZAKAT... Whitepaper. Connect with us Its not just ZAKAT... Whitepaper. Connect with us. Zakat Al Mal. Its not just ZAKAT... Whitepaper. Connect with. al-Umari al-Wushobi 4. Taudhihul Ahkam, Asy-Syaikh Abdullah bin Abdurrahman Al-Bassam ZAKAT FITRI ZAKAT HARTA Fakir, Miskin 8 Golongan: Fakir, Miskin, Amil Zakat, Muallaf, Budak, Orang yang berhutang, Fi Sabilillah, Musafir ا ا ا Ketika Panen Senilai nishob emas & perak 2.5% ONTA HASIL PERTANIAN TABEL PERHITUNGAN ZAKAT

Orang yang mempunyai hutang sebesar atau mengurangi senishab yang harus dibayar pada waktu yang sama (dengan waktu mengeluarkan zakat), maka harta tersebut terbebas dari zakat. f. Berlalu Satu Tahun (Al-Haul) Maksudnya adalah bahwa pemilikan harta tersebut sudah belalu satu tahun ZAKAT IN ISLAM AN OVERVIEW OF ZAKAT SYSTEM IN MALAYSIA . types of zakat and calculation 1. ZAKAT IN ISLAM AN OVERVIEW OF ZAKAT SYSTEM IN MALAYSI

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For property other than your home for long-term investment without intention to resell - Zakat is due on rental income only. For property with the prime motivation of capital appreciation and with the intention to resell in this Zakat year, then please include the value of the property Berbagai pertanyaan masuk ke meja redaksi muslim.or.id, berkaitan dengan zakat mal. Untuk melengkapi dan menyempurnakan pemahaman tentang zakat tersebut, maka berikut ini kami ringkas satu tulisan ustadz Kholid Syamhudi dari majalah As Sunnah edisi 06 tahun VII/2003M Income Definition(al-Mal al-Mustafad) Income property means all types of wages, remuneration, payments or proceeds obtained from the work or undertaking performed either on a regular basis or at all times. Obligatory obligations of Zakat Le montant de la zakat al-mal à payer est donc de : 2 000 x 0,025 = 50 euros. Plus simple encore : il suffit de diviser la somme épargnée par 40. En bref, s'acquitter de la zakat al-mal, c'est verser un quarantième de l'épargne d'une année lunaire. Précision importante : la zakat al-mal s'applique aux ressources financières

Question: Can zakat be used to pay for the construction of mosques? Answer: Wa `alaykum as-Salam wa rahmatullah wa barakatuh: No. Halal proceeds, properties and grants from gifts and donations (hibaat), endowments (awqaf, ahbas), bequests (wasaya), or from the Muslim treasury (bayt al-mal) can all be used toward the construction of mosques or rental of mosque space, but not zakat monies Zakat-ul-Fitr is different to the annual Zakat payment and is due before the end of Ramadan before Eid prayers. The Zakat-ul-Fitr donation is traditionally given as food; at Muslim Aid, we make it easy to make your Fitrana donation as cash to be donated to those less fortunate as necessary food products Zakat (Arabic: زكاة ‎ zakāh , that which purifies, also Zakat al-mal [zaˈkaːt alˈmaːl] زكاة المال, zakat on wealth, or Zakah) is a form of alms-giving treated in Islam as a religious obligation or tax, which, by Quranic ranking, is next after prayer in importance - wikipedi La zakat al-mal est plus encore un droit absolument inaliénable du pauvre sur le riche. Comme pour les quatre autres piliers, chaque musulman doit remplir cette obligation, à une nuance près : comme pour le hajj ou le jeûne, seuls ceux qui le peuvent doivent obligatoirement s'acquitter de la zakat. C'est là où le nissab intervient

Zakat Al Mal: the 'cleansing' of wealth, as one of the five pillars of Islam; a spiritual duty for all Muslims meeting the 'nisab' wealth criteria in a lunar year, to pay 2.5 per cent of. Who do you pay zakat to given there is no Bait al-Mal? Answer: When a certain amount of money, called the nisab, is reached zakat becomes obligatory. The nisab of gold is about 85 grams of pure gold. This means the nisab of money is the value of 85 grams of pure gold on the day when zakat is paid Mutawalli Saeedi, an Islamic scholar and Imam of Masjid Al Ameen told the Observer that the Arabic word 'Fitr' means the same as iftar, which is breaking a fast, and it comes from the same root word as Futoor which doesn't mean breakfast and that Zakat al Fitr is a great action of every Muslim just as the 'Zakat al Mal' Zakat on Silver. Zakat is to be paid on Silver in Pure form or Jewellery, Utensils, Decorative items and all household items including crockery, cutlery made of silver at 2.5% of the prevailing market rates. 4.00 Zakat on Cash and Bank Balances Zakat should be paid at 2.5% on all cash balance and bank balances in your savings, current or FD. Donate your Zakat Al-Maal and help support the poor and needy around the world. Zakat Al-Mal. Enter the amount of Zakat Al-Mal to pay? Donation Amount ( $

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Trimks atas koreksinya, untuk Nisab zakat mal jenis hewan kambing adalah sbb: 40 - 120 ekor zakatnya 1 ekor umur kambing 2 th atau lebih 121 - 200 ekor zakatnya 2 ekor umur kambing 2 th atau lebih 201 - 399 ekor zakatnya 3 ekor umur kambing 2 th atau lebi Zakat al Mal Regarded as a blessed period, Ramadan is a month when most Muslims pay they Zakat al Mal. One of the five pillars of Islam, Zakat al Mal is a religious obligation for all Muslims who have the minimum wealth amount called Nisab. For 2019, Nisab threshold of Zakat al Mal for Australia can be calculated as follows Pada zakat barang dagangan, barang tersebut bukan termasuk harta yang asalnya wajib dizakati seperti hewan ternak, emas, dan perak. Perhitungan zakat barang dagangan = nilai barang dagangan + uang dagang yang ada + piutang yang diharapkan - utang yang jatuh tempo Human Appeal will be delivering Zakat al-Fitr in Yemen and Pakistan this Eid, providing either staples such as rice and flour, or the monetary equivalent so that families can choose which staple they wish to buy. Last year, your Zakat al-Fitr donations provided food to over 9,000 people in Gaza, Pakistan, and Yemen. Donate today 1. It's not 2.5% of the original amount from the first year .It's from every year, so it goes higher or lower depending on your wealth. So, out of a million dollars, you pay 25,000$ year one

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Who qualifies to receive zakat? Zakat should be paid to qualifying persons only. Where to pay your zakat? Can zakat be paid to Non-Muslims? Can you give zakat to your family? Can zakat be given to Religious Organisations? Should the recipient be informed that they are receiving zakat? 1. Who qualifies to receive zakat? The Quran states To make life easier in the calculation and payment of Zakat Al Mal, it is recommended to fix a certain Hijra month, as Ramadan for example, and on this month you calculate or your savings as of. The Islamic-American Zakat Foundation is a 501 (c)(3) tax-exempt religious and charitable organization. Our mission is to provide assistance for food, shelter, clothing and transportation for the poo Zakat may be used to purchase their freedom. Ibnus-Sabeel: A traveler, who, whilst wealthy at his residence, is stranded and in need of financial assistance. Al Ghaarimeen: A person whose debts exceeds his assets and his net assets (after deducting his liabilities) is below the Nisab limit

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Zakaat Al-Maal is the 3rd pillar of Islam. It is compulsory upon every male and female Muslim who meet 2 conditions: 1 - Possessing the required Nisaab (the minimum amount of wealth that one must have before Zakat is payable). 2 - And have had the Nisaab for one whole year The first obligatory act of giving is called Zakat Al-Mal, which is the Zakat given from one's saved wealth and liquid assets. The second obligatory Zakat is called Zakat Al-Fitr, which is a special type of Zakat due at the end of the Month of Ramadan—to be paid by the head of the household Collection of Zakat al-mal. Effective 1 June 2016, zakat al-mal is collected at MIRA. MIRA 510 form, which is available on our website, is to be used for the payment of zakat al-mal. In addition to the Taxpayer Service Centre, zakat al-mal can also paid at one of the branches or collection centres of MIRA established outside Male' City

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What is Zakat al-Maal (Zakat of Wealth) According to the terms , Z akat al-Maal means something that is paid for the trade income, agriculture, livestock, gold , silver and income . Zakat is paid if it has met nisab or limit the wealth amount that caused a Muslim has to pay Zakat The Zakah Committee of Noor Islamic Culture Center will help the Muslim community of Central Ohio in collecting and distrubutiing their Zakat-ul-Maal, Sadaqa, Zakat-ul-Fitr and Fidyaa money according to the teaching of Qur'an and Sunnah of the last prophet Mohammad (PBUH) Mengeluarkan zakat itu hukumnya wajib sebagai salah satu rukun Islam. Namun demikian, tidak semua orang yang memiliki harta terkena kewajiban zakat mal. Mengenai zakat, dapat dijumpai dalam Al-Qur'an di 82 ayat atau tempat, serta di dalam kitab-kitab hadits. Hal ini menunjukkan betapa pentingnya pembahasan mengenai zakat ini Zakat pendapatan timbul daripada konsep zakat al-mal al-mustafad?(zakat harta perolehan).Konsep al-mal al-mustafad?bermaksud mewajibkan zakat ke atas mana-mana harta perolehan dari hasil usaha tanpa sebarang proses pertukaran (jual-beli), secara ringkasnya?ia diperoleh dengan sebabnya tersendiri seperti gaji, upah kerja, elaun, hadiah dan lain-lain

Dalil tentang zakat - Sahabat pencinta zakat, kali ini admin akan berbagi informasi penting terkait zakat, yaitu dalil dalil yang berkaitan dengan zakat. Sebelumnya admin juga sudah membuat artikel tentang pengertian zakat fitrah dan juga macam macam zakat, anda bisa klik link tersebut jika ingin membacanya La zakat al-mal, l'un des cinq piliers de l'islam (avec la shahada, la prière, le hajj et le jeûne du mois de ramadan), est un impôt sur l'épargne. C'est là un droit inaliénable du pauvre sur le riche. Le musulman en est redevable et doit obligatoirement s'en acquitter, dès lors que. The other type of Zakah is Zakat al Fitr.This must be paid by all Muslims with enough food for one day. The amount to be paid for Zakat al Fitr is much lower than Zakat al Mal. Zakat al Fitr is paid by the head of the household on behalf of all family members, both young and old Question: Who are eligible to receive zakat, sadaqah al-fitr, and fidyah? ANSWER They are as follows: 1. Zakat cannot be given to a rich person. A person is defined as rich if he/she possesses minimum amount of wealth (nisab) requiring him/her to perform udhiyyah The prophet not only allowed charity to be given to family members, but said that double the reward is issued once for helping a family member and one for zakat: Volume 2, Book 24, Number 545 : Narrated by 'Amr bin Al-Harith. Zainab, the wife of 'Abdullah said, I was in the Mosque and saw the Prophet (p.b.u.h) saying, 'O women